Terms of Non-exclusive License Agreement

to sell the Caper Jumping Shoes


#1.  The “Designer” is Mary L. Howard from Howard Designs, www.maryleahhoward.com. The “Representative” is (name), (email) from (city, state/province, country).


#2.  The Designer grants The Representative the right to modify the design of the Caper Jumping Shoes, arrange for a prototype to be made and for manufacturing of the product, and to promote and sell the product.


#3.  The Designer may sign this Non-exclusive License Agreement with more than one Representative.


#4.  The Designer agrees to not sign the agreement with more than one representative in the same city or borough.


#5.  The term of the signed License Agreement is for five years beginning the day the License Fee is paid by The Representative. After the five years is over, this license can be renewed for the same price, providing both parties agree to the conditions of the agreement.


#6.  The cost of the License Fee is $2,000 CAD and is due after the agreement has been signed/confirmed by both parties. Payment can be made by credit card. The license fee is non-refundable.


#7.  After the payment is processed, The Representative will be sent to the Design Details webpage for the Caper Jumping Shoes. These details will include design drawings, product description, links to companies that do prototypes and arrange for manufacturing, and suggestions for promoting and selling the shoes.

#8.  The Representative can change the following design elements: a) the materials used to make the product b) the color and sizes, and c) the retail price of the product.


#9.  The Representative can choose to use The Designer's product name “Caper”, and the product description created by The Designer, or they can create their own.


#10.   The Representative is encouraged to show their identity in the modified product. 


#11.   The Representative agrees to not alter the basic concept of the jumping shoes design when making modifications.


#12. It is the responsibility of The Representative to pay for the prototype and the manufacturing. The Representative can choose their own manufacturer or choose one that the prototype company recommends.

#13. The Representative can sell the product on their own website, privately from their home, from their own store, through retail outlets, or through online stores.  

#14.   The Representative agrees to not sell the product design to anyone else. The License Agreement is not transferable.

#15.         The Designer agrees to not manufacture or sell this product at any time so as to not compete with The Representative.

#16.    The Designer agrees to not patent or trademark the design so as to not interfere with any patents or trademarks registered by The Representative.

#17.       By paying the License Fee, The Representative will be confirming that they agree to the terms of the Non-exclusive License Agreement. The date of payment will be the first day of the 5-year term.

DISCLAIMER: The Designer will not be responsible for any losses that may occur during the prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of the product. 


If you are interested in selling the Caper Jumping Shoes, please complete and submit the following application form. After the results have been reviewed, and your application is accepted, a signed copy of the License Agreement will be emailed to you along with instructions for the next step.