Shell Homes

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When someone buys a house, they are actually buying someone else’s home that has been renovated or decorated to suit the original owner. The new owner might not like the elaborate lighting fixtures, or the color of the hardwood floors, for instance, so they have to create a new renovation plan to get the house the way they like. After spending a million dollars, let’s say, on the house and property, they need to spend another hundred thousand to get rid of the original owner’s identity in the interior, and redo everything. Not only is this an expensive ordeal, it is an aggravating hassle that can take months to accomplish.


Now consider the following idea!


You buy a portable “shell” home from a manufacturer. The shell home would likely be a two-bedroom that had slide-outs, to enlarge it. It is transported to a lot of land which could be located in a park for other similar shell homes. Let’s say the lot is ¼ of an acre, has some trees or shrubs planted on it, has a small driveway, and has all the utility services installed and ready to be hooked up when the home arrives. The park would be more elaborate than an RV park and it might include communal facilities such as: a swimming pool, a lounge with a gas fireplace, a café, an outdoor fire-pit, and a communal vegetable garden. Each resident would lease their own lot for about one thousand dollars a month. This fee would include all the services, except for hydro, which would be pay-per-use. The home would be delivered to their lot and positioned so that the services could easily be hooked up. Once the home was in place, the new owners would do their own interior finishing, or hire someone to do it. The home would have the basic wiring and plumbing installed but that’s about it. This makes the shell home affordable and then the owner can do the interior just the way they like. When the owner decides to move, they can have their home transported to another park at another location. Before the move, the furniture would be removed, placed in the moving van, and the slide-outs would be put back in place and then the home transported.


The cost of the shell home would probably be less than two-hundred thousand dollars. The interior furnishings, such as counters, fridge, stove, etc. would be the owner’s choice and would fit their budget.


The main benefit of buying a “shell home” is to let the owner outfit the interior to their own personal taste and to allow them to bring their home with them when it is time to move.


To make this idea work, there would have to be many “Shell Home Parks” across the country. Each one would be set up in a similar way with the same rates, if possible. The caretaker of the parks would administer the leasing and repairs, as needed.